Disk sander for wood floors

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Disk sander for wood floors

Shop Fox W1828 12Inch Disc Sander Nov 08, headed sanding disc For sanding of wooden floors, parquet and cork, for finish sanding and for renovating. For sanding before varnishing and sealing. 4 discs run on high quality bearings, discs. Grizzly G7297 Disc Sander, 12Inch Mar 23, 2015This is a question that is asked by people that are too scared to use a floor sander! Let me cut to the chase, the answer is NO. Unfortunately you cannot sand floors with just an orbital sander. And to clarify, by orbital sanders, I refer to all finishing sanders; Laegler Trio, Bona FlexiSand, Numatic Woodworker, Continued Dec 17, 2018Refinishing your hardwood floors is a task many homeowners prefer to do themselves, but deciding on the necessary tools can be puzzling. Your most important decision is usually how youll sand. Shop Menards for floor sander rental and supplies to make the job easier and affordable. Feb 27, 2007To sand hardwood floors, start by renting a drum sander and installing a coarse grit sandpaper onto the sander, which will remove any noticeable damage or old finish from your floors. Then, sand the entire area at the same angle, moving constantly as you work. It takes more time to sand with a disk sander, but it isn't as easy to make a major mistake as it is with a drum sander. 1 Vacuum the floor and mop it with waxcutting detergent and warm water. Unless you plan to sand many floors in your lifetime, the best choice for doityourself floor refinishing is the random orbital sander. Sure, it may take longer to remove old finishes than it. Makita GV5010 5 Disc Sander Sanding your hardwood floors takes three sessions with progressively lighter grit sandpaper. To begin, use a coarse 3040 grit, then a medium 5060 grit and finally a fine grit. For flat floors, use a random orbital sander. This sander is easier to handle than a drum sander. How to Use Floor Sanders and Edgers Floor sanding is done with two machines. The drum sander The main machine is the drum sander and it is used on the majority of the floor. This sander is operated from a standing position. But the drum sander cannot Jan 18, 2012Perhaps if the project was small or it was a simple rough up and refinish of the hardwood floors, the Varathane would have done the job, but there was no way that it would have worked in my case. The Silver line floor sander ate through the hardwood floor and. Proxxon Disc Sander TG 125E Sep 04, 2013After taking the day off on Monday, reading every single one of your incredibly encouraging comments on my last post and on Facebook, and watching a few YouTube videos on how to sand hardwood floors, I felt rested, encouraged, and ready to tackle the floors again. So yesterday morning, my brother went to the rental place and picked up the correct floor sander for me. Best Sander For Hardwood Floors Guide and Reviews. When it comes to keeping your hardwood floors in the best shape, you know that it might be important for you to have to sand the hardwood floors in order to refinish them and restore them back to their original, beautiful state. The larger random orbit sander is best for hardwood floors like oak. Commonly, many varieties of random orbital floor sanders will leave sanding marks on your wood floors. These marks will be noticeable when you go to stain your wood floors. Drum sanders also commonly called belt sanders are another variety of sander.

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